Brian O, Atlanta GA

“This was my first home sell. It was important that the sell coordinated with the purchase of my next home. Maggie was always available and responsive throughout the experience. A binder and sit down conversation in the beginning was helpful in understanding the process. Dealing with the buyer and buyer’s agent was extremely stressful for the last 3 weeks, however everything worked out fine. Maggie helped with an issue that was blocking closing and I am grateful for that.”

Sarah G, Atlanta GA

“I was most concerned with location and amenities. Maggie was great at getting us into houses first and submitting offers. She provided some great information regarding home warranties. It was an excellent experience!”

Rahn M., Atlanta GA

“My goal was to sell my home fast at the highest possible price. Maggie provided great guidance on staging our home to attract a buyer. She provided market data and information about the neighborhood. We had great results! I’m a happy customer.”

Griffin W, Atlanta GA

“Our goal was to find a house in our price range that didn’t need a lot of work and had a driveway. The house we purchased was the perfect house of us. It was move in ready and has a driveway! The binder Maggie provided that walked us through the process was helpful. I love the house we purchased! Maggie went above and beyond to show us all of the houses that came on the market in our price range. We were able to purchase our house due Maggie using her knowledge of Real Estate.”

Kelsey Q, Atlanta GA

“Our goal was to find the right fit at the right price. Maggie was very patient with us even when we looked at houses that we kinda knew we wouldn’t like because we wanted to see a lot of different styles and options. The recommendations for financing and closing attorney were excellent. Since we purchased our homes, we heard horror stories from other friends who didn’t have the same quality recommendations. I feel great about our purchase!”

Erin K, Atlanta GA

“My goal was a quick sale. Maggie provided suggestions of last minute touches that would improve sale, and good marketing. Maggie provided useful information about when and how much the price should drop, in order to set the price effectively and strategically at the beginning. Everything went very smooth and I did not have to worry about anything knowing that all aspects were already being professionally taken care of.”

Mirand D., Atlanta GA

“I needed to trust my agent to help me know all the steps to selling and buying a home. My goal was to sell at a good and fair price and buy at a fair price. From meeting workers at each home, to guiding me through repairs and inspection requests at my new hone Maggie was invaluable. Asking for a home warranty on the new home was a great idea. Giving me options when possible rather than tell me what to do was also very good. My purchase and sale were a total success! It was a rough and bumpy process to sell as there were surprises in what my home needed. Maggie was amazing. She guided me with what she knew and sought out answers for what she didn’t.”

Rahn M., Atlanta GA

“We wanted a home that met our needs and fit our budget. Maggie was patient and diligent to ensure we were satisfied with the house and neighborhood. The frequent updates about market were very helpful. Maggie provided lots of feedback and support with the terms of the contract. She negotiated to ensure we were treated fairly. I feel great about our purchase.”

Pat G. & Ainslee C., Decatur GA

“We wanted a home we could grow into and something built within the last twenty years or recently renovated. We were concerned with home prices, warrantees, and the entire buying process as this was our first home purchase. Without you, I can’t see our goals being achieved! You pushed us to look at things outside our normal criteria and found something we simply love. We are still smiling every time we pull into our driveway.

As a first time home buyer you provided every piece of info I could imagine. You were informative on every step of the process and especially while we were under contract. We felt totally comfortable during the process because you were informing us at every step of the way. The binder you provided us upon our first meet and greet was awesome and exactly what we were looking for in an agent.

Outstanding! You were simply extraordinary. Anyone looking to buy a home I recommend you. I felt safe and a high level of trust working with you.”

Kristen & Shawn, Cumming, GA

“Our concern was buying a nice home from a long distance. You brought us to look at homes even when we weren’t ready to buy so we got an idea as to what we were looking for. You made it easy to narrow it down when we were ready by sending us updated listings. Putting us in contact with a good lender was a huge benefit. We love the home and can’t wait to move in! Made it easy even though relocating across country is not an easy task.”