Tax Appeals

Learn to Appeal Your Property Appraisal!

Every homeowner has the right to appeal their property appraisal on your county property assessment. You also have the right to freeze your lowered or current value to save more in the following two years. This is a complimentary service I offer to educate the community about the appeals process and your rights under state law. I’ve helped over 800+ residents over 7 years and can consult on Fulton & DeKalb counties the most effectively. 

The deadline to file your DeKalb appeal is 11:59 PM on July 15, 2024

The deadline to file your Fulton appeal is 11:59 PM on August 2, 2024

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“When the Fulton Co dramatically increased the assessed value of our home, we at first did not know what to do. After searching the internet, the most useful advice came from Maggie’s detailed information on her website and social media. I reached out to her not really expecting any personal help. I was quite surprised when suddenly there was a knock on my door and Maggie was there with the list of houses that were comparable to ours that we can use to argue for a lower assessment. It was completely unexpected but incredibly appreciated!

We used the comps that Maggie provided to argue our case during the in-person hearing and the assessed value was reduced. Three years later, Maggie again came through with another set of comps and we were able to lower the assessed value of our house even further!”

Lucy P. – Fulton County Resident

“I was a novice about the appeal process and Maggie walked me through the process, making it easy to understand. Her guidance resulted in the criteria used to assess my property being updated and my value was reduced by $100,000.”

Stephen S. – Fulton County Resident

“Our property taxes increased over 50% in one year. It was confusing, and a bit frustrating, to figure out what exactly the county was looking for in the appeals process, i.e. data and comps used in our reassessment.

Maggie helped to clarify the appeals process and what the Board of Assessors considers. She guided us through the process step-by-step; the reason for appeal, where to request comps used by Fulton County, and tips on completing a Residential Equity Comparable Sheet. We decided to personally appear before the board prepared with excellent backup data/pictures resulting in a win of our appeal. We saved the information Maggie shared, and this year passed it along to our daughter and son-in-law who are appealing their 2022 assessment!”

Valerie W. – Fulton County Resident

” I was so impressed and happy with how Maggie helped me through the tax appeal process. I had never been through the process and didn’t know what to expect. She made it super easy for me by telling me step by step what I needed to do. Then she did the heavy lifting. She found comps to support my case, showed me how to obtain the comps from the county appraiser, and put together a comprehensive script of why my number was fair and correct. She then advised me on how to put together the package to present to the Board for my appeal appointment. As if that wasn’t enough, I was super lucky that she actually came with me to the hearing! With her guidance and understanding of the process, I was able to save thousands on my assessed value and was able to get my taxes frozen for 3 years. This saved me an enormous amount of money over time. I couldn’t be more grateful for her time and knowledge. Maggie truly cares about helping people.”

Sean C. – Fulton County Resident

“I wanted to appeal my property tax value, and was unsure exactly how to do it.

 I reached out to Maggie to see if she could give me any tips on the process. More than just tips, she guided me through every step in a completely clear and thoughtful way. And finally, the appraiser sent a revised appraisal at a fair price. I couldn’t have done it without her. I was honestly shocked by how much time and effort she put in for me. Thanks Maggie!”

Natasha P. – Fulton County Resident

“The city raised my taxes to a breathtaking percentage. How is this fair? Maggie Goldman helped me lower my assessed value, not just once but twice in the last five years. She guided me through the process with clear, easy to understand steps.

Maggie Goldman has been SO helpful and communicative throughout the entire way. I am thrilled she is going to become an official and bring solutions to our unfair and flawed tax system in Fulton County!”

 Scott C. – Fulton County Resident

”In Dec 2020, I was purchasing a house with a tricky tax situation: the seller was appealing the property tax for Fulton County as he was selling it and due to the timing of the sale, I would be responsible for the unpaid remainder of 2020 taxes when the appeal was completed in mid-2021. The seller paid the minimum amount during the appeal, and the new value from the assessment meant I would likely have to pay about $5000 in property taxes for a year that I did not live in the home.

Maggie was instrumental in not only proactively identifying this as a concern as we were finalizing the sale but also incredibly diligent in trying every option to help me solve this, including contacting lawyers and the board of assessors. Her forward-thinking meant we had a letter from the seller to continue the appeal, and she reminded me to submit paperwork for the following year as well. Her deep knowledge of the appeal processes, as well as good working relationships with Fulton County and the BOA were invaluable when it came time for me to appeal. She also pulled more relevant comps for the assessed value (which was higher than my sale price) and helped me craft the arguments. When my appeal was rejected the first time, she encouraged me to appeal that decision and personally joined my second appeal to ensure a resolution. While I unfortunately had to pay the remainder of the 2020 tax bill as the seller had left the country, Maggie was able to mitigate that tax burden and have my property value frozen.

Maggie’s expertise in an opaque system and tenacious advocacy for her client made an enormous difference in an emotionally and financially difficult situation. I was incredibly lucky to have Maggie in my corner. This was of course in addition to all her other superb work with myself as a first time homebuyer in a difficult market: clearly explaining then shepherding me through the entire process, her patience during a very long search (with multiple criteria changes from my end), as well as her adaptability during ever-changing COVID restrictions. Maggie’s candor and wisdom was always much appreciated and treasured.”

Amanda M – Fulton County Resident